uCamPro: IP Camera & Webcam Viewer

uCamPro: IP Camera & Webcam Viewer
  • $ 6.99
  • Version: 1.7
  • Category: Utilities
  • Released: 2010-03-23
  • Size: 377.19K
  • Author: UBNTEK Co., Ltd.
  • Rating: 4+
uCamPro is a MJPEG based video streaming viewer with the new navigated & optical zoom option for network cameras and webcams. None like the ordinary IP cam apps, it not only gives the user many more options, but enables to quickly and easily add new cams right after user’s request through our open architecture software.

The most spectacular cutting edge technique of this application is the open architecture client which enables the software to dynamically update on demand, without requiring modification of the source code & Apple's update process. What that means is that we can easily & quickly support most of the models if the cams meet our functional requirements right after some tests. New cameras are able to be added online right after tapping a “reload” button.

Another differentiating feature is that the new navigated zoom option allows the user to zoom into any part of the screen of what the camera currently displays. Although the camera can move around to zoom in, there are tight corners that you cannot zoom in with just the camera's turning points. It’s possible to zoom in digitally to any part of the display screen that the user desires. Just point to the spot you wish to zoom in, and simply press, move and/or release finger to enlarge the selected area.

Just download and click uCamPro to view what your camera’s lens see virtually from anywhere with Wi-Fi coverage or even cellular networks.

* Main Features

- All-in-one cam viewer for JPEG/MJPEG network cameras and webcams

- Unlimited number of cameras can be configured

- Navigated digital zoom option for any part of the display screen that the user desires

- Optical zoom option for Axis, Cannon, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Vivotek cameras

- Optional cellular network alert in push notification manner

- Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls

- Re-center camera at its original center location

- Friendly navigate cameras with the variety of portrait and landscape modes

- Enables setup without username and password for a public camera anywhere in the world

- Take snapshots or share via email, facebook and/or twitter.

* Supported Network Cameras (See details at: www.ubntek.com/supportedcameras)

- 7Links, Abus, Airlink101, AirLive, Allnet, Asante, Asoni, Astak, Axis, Axis Encoder, Camyio, Cannon, CNB, Compro, D-Link, Digi-Lan, EasyN, EasySE, Edimax, Elro, ES(Eye Sight), Eyespy247, Foscam, GrandTec, Hootoo, Instar, Ipux, IQeye, LevelOne, Linksys(Cisco), Logilink(Hama), Lorex, Luxon, Mobotix, Netbotz, Panasonic, SaveOnSecurity, Sercomm, Sharx, SMC, Sony, SparkLan, Tenvis, Toshiba, TrendNet, Vilar, Vivotek, Y-cam, Zavio.

* Supported Webcams (See details at: www.ubntek.com/supportedcameras)

- USB/FireWire/Built-in Webcams supported by Windows 7, Vista, XP OS

- Download free install wizard “uWebCam for windows” by referring to www.ubntek.com/pcclient

- Setup PC client for network connections between uWebcam and uCamPro.

* Note

The quality of video display(s) shown on the iPhone/iTouch may vary according the quality of the camera(s) and the data received from them. The response time of PTZ control depends on the network and/or camera capability which may cause a little bit of delay in feedback.

Please tell us the model and manufacturer of the camera in which you are using for your own benefit and for the development of UBNTEK.

If you have any questions or comments, or even recommendations for the new application, please send an email to support@ubntek.com.

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