iSexercise - Sex Positions that burn calories & Calorie Counter

iSexercise - Sex Positions that burn calories & Calorie Counter
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  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Category: Healthcare & Fitness
  • Released: 2010-07-31
  • Size: 16.83M
  • Author: Tillmania Limited
  • Rating: 17+
Want to slim down AND spice up your love life? Then this is the perfect app for you and your partner!

The definitive Sexercise utility on the app store. Includes over 80 sex position images! iSexercise will have you and your partner slimming down in the most enjoyable way imaginable! Burn the calories, tone the muscles without the boredom of the gym!

How it works is simple. Select a position to perform from a selection of over 80 sexual positions, put the phone on the bed then hit Start and start Sexercising!

iSexercise will detect each thrust and calculate calorie burn based on the position currently selected! Amazing eh?!


•Over 80 sexual position reference images.

•Calories counter specific to each position.

•"Thrustometer" which uses the accelerometer to detect activity and calculate calorie burn.

If the position you wish to perform is not included then iSexercise includes a generic Thrustometer which will calculate an approximate calorie burn!

Includes a "Thrustometer" which uses the iPhone accelerometer to calculate the number of calories burnt during each session!

Also includes detailed reference images of over 80 positions with many more on the way!

***Coming in the next update!***

- Loads more catagories

- In-depth descriptions for each position

- At least 20 more positions


- Ensure you seek medical advice before performing any new exercise regime!

- Calorie calculations are approximations. Some positions may be more strenuous for different people

-This app is intended as a reference only!

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