Kamasutra Temple HD

Kamasutra Temple HD
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Come see the home of Kama Sutra. This Khajuraho temple is a beautiful example of ancient Indian architecture and houses statues, magnificently carved to show the sex positions that Kama Sutra is famous for. Let the Kamasutra app take you on a virtual trip, with professional photos, Khajuraho architecture history and those important sculptures. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

You, like most people, are probably at least vaguely aware of the Kama Sutra. Likely, you at least know what it is. Maybe you’ve seen the book and marveled over the illustrations of dozens of different sexual positions, or read the 64 arts of love that it teaches.

The Karma Sutra offers a wealth of ideas and information that is as relevant today as it was when written many centuries ago. People are still intrigued with its content.

To honor this important text, a magnificent temple was built at Khajuraho over a thousand years ago. It was more than 200 years in the making and still stands today, deemed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Although there are a number of beautiful, old temples at Khajuraho, there is no mistaking the Kama Sutra temple. Great ancient carvings of people poised in various Kama Sutra positions adorn the outer walls of the building, paying homage to the ancient book of love and providing an incredible example of ancient Indian architecture.

When you download the Kamasutra Temple app, you’ll go on a visual journey through more than 50 exclusive, professional HD photos that are so good, that they’re the next best thing to being there. While you take in this wonder of India, read about the amazing architecture and the history of the temple. It’s a fascinating look at a very important piece of the past.

These are some of the many features you have access to in Kamasutra Temple:

* Extremely attractive, easy-to-use interface

* History of the Temple
* Everything about Khajuraho Architecture
* More then 50 exclusive HD professional photos
* Sex Position Sculptures
* and many other awesome features

Don’t delay. Download Kamasutra Temple now and take a trip back in time.


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