MobiLinc HD Home Automation Controller

MobiLinc HD Home Automation Controller
  • $ 49.99
  • Version: 1.02.00
  • Category: Utilities
  • Released: 2011-02-18
  • Size: 11.27M
  • Author: Mobile Integrated Solutions, LLC
  • Rating: 4+

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Turn your iPad into a central home automation center for the entire house!

From the intuitive and realistic thermostats, keypads, switches, and other devices, MobiLinc HD is so simple to use anyone, including your guests, can navigate even the most complex of all home automation setups with ease. If you can turn on a switch, you can use MobiLinc HD.

Realistic Interface:

Interact with your thermostat, lights, keypads, switches, scenes, and other devices as if you were standing in front of the actual device. Press and hold the switch to fade a device or scene. Double tap the switch to turn the device or scene instantly on. Tap the thermostat to change temperature and operation modes. Set any device/scene/program as a favorite for quick access.

Touch Note:

MobiLinc HD comes with a message center feature called Touch Note. Using your finger, leave a message on the home screen for a family member or loved one. To clear, use a two finger swipe across the screen or shake the iPad. Touch Note can be disabled under Settings.

MobiLinc supports the following INSTEON Controllers:

- ISY-99i or ISY-26 from Universal Devices (v2.7.0 or later).

- SmartLinc 2412N Firmware Version 3.x.

- PowerLinc 2414 USB or Serial.

MobiLinc HD Plug-Ins:

- Resource Manager (Available for the ISY Firmware 2.7.15 only) Turn any device or scene into a custom timer or self-monitored energy manager. Includes a promotional code to for big savings!

MobiLinc HD Features:

- Graphical Real-Device Interaction.

- Touch Note - Draw on the home screen of the iPad to leave a message or loved one a note. Two finger or shake clears the message.

- Username and password authentication.

- Works over Wi-Fi, 3G, and EDGE.

- Multiple Profile Support.

- Wi-Fi auto-discover and sync with ISY or SmartLinc.

- Real-time device and program status.

- Control all of your INSTEON and X10 Devices.

- Thermostat, Irrigation, and Garage Door support. (ISY and SmartLinc Only)

- Weather Support. (ISY Only)

- Program support. Execute program commands and see program status in real-time. (ISY Only)

- Folder Support. (ISY and SmartLinc Only)

- Supports up to 1024 Insteon or X10 Devices.

- Supports up to 1024 Scenes.

- Supports up to 1024 Programs. (ISY Only)

- Transfer Settings and Plug-Ins to another MobiLinc app via Wi-Fi.

MobiLinc HD Requirements:

- iPad OS 3.2 or later

- iPhone/Touch OS 3.1

- One of the following Insteon Controllers:

- Universal Devices ISY 26/99 (v2.7.0 and later).

- SmartLinc Firmware Version 3.0.

- PowerLinc Controller 2414U or 2414S. For PowerLinc, INSTEON SDM Software running on a Windows-based PC is required. Download the latest version of SDM 3.08 here:

MobiLinc HD on iPhone/iPod Touch:

- When running MobiLinc HD on the iPhone or iPod touch, MobiLinc HD operates as MobiLinc Pro.


- Please visit: for more information including configuration help and tips.


- All screenshots were taken while connected to ISY-99i with the Weather module installed.


- MobiLinc HD Web Commercial:

- Facebook:

- YouTube:

- Support:

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