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Trust Torch
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  • Released: 2010-11-19
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See Who You Can Trust(TM).

Trust Torch is a social tool. It helps you solve the issue of who to trust. Someone in a crowd of strangers? An old friend in a group of acquaintances? This easy, automatic service rates people based on your own current network (eg Facebook friends, plus their friends, plus friends of their friends....and so on....this is called your Social Graph). It finds all of your unique connections to your "target" and calculates how trustworthy someone may be TO YOU! We've all been there:

* Caught in a group project where one of the members doesn't put in their share of the work.

* Maybe you trusted someone you thought was a friend but you ended up getting stabbed in the back.

* Wondering whether or not to hire a person you've never met.

* Or maybe you need a ride home....

Wouldn't it be nice to know if someone was trustworthy BEFORE you take the risk of trusting them? Trust Torch solves this problem. By simply entering a Facebook name or email address, Trust Torch will automatically tell you how much you can trust someone.

Trust Torch's patents-pending technology gathers the important relationships that connect you to the person whom you've searched. Trust Torch can then tell you how trustworthy someone may be based on the trust of your existing relationships and social networks. This smart, powerful and easy-to-use system calculates a rating that reflects both the trusted connections between you and the person you've searched **as well as** the valued opinions of those you trust (the people in your Friends network)! This means the ratings you get are customized specifically for you - other users will see different ratings based on their own social networks! The ratings can also be adjusted to fit your own opinions if you disagree with Trust Torch's calculation. Just in case you change your mind, Trust Torch also allows you to easily reset a given person's "trust glow" (trustworthiness) rating back to the system-calculated rating at any time!

☺ 3 easy steps to find out how trustworthy someone is!

1. Enter a Facebook name or email address

2. See how trustworthy they are TO YOU.

3. OPTIONAL: Adjust their Trust Torch rating to your own personal rating, if you know something secret about their reputation or reliability!

☺ All ratings for people are confidential, so you don't have to worry about others viewing your personally-applied ratings!

☺ Users can view ratings that are automatically calculated for people who aren't even using Trust Torch!

☺ No sign-up account necessary. Simply sign in using your existing Facebook account to help Trust Torch identify you!

☺ Ratings can be easily adjusted or re-adjusted to fit the Trust Torch rating or your own rating/opinion.

☺ Ratings cannot be skewed or "gamed" because Trust Torch ensures the ratings are calculated based on **your own** trusted social networks.

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